Creating a Kitchen Pantry that you can find things in!

We moved into our new home a year ago, and though I ended up with so much more pantry space than I have ever had before, I now find that I can’t find anything.  It has been very disorganized for the past year.  With a family of 5 putting things anywhere because there was no order or system from the beginning, it has become a complete shamble!.  It has been on my to-do-list to get the pantry organized but with 3 kids and several businesses and commitments it has been pushed down the list.  No more!  I thought I would take you on the journey to creating a more organized space and it might even inspire you to tackle the organization of your pantry too!  So here goes…  I’m quite embarrassed by the state of it, but hey, I’m just being real!

So here is the before photo.  Yep, so pretty much everything is stuffed in whereever!


So this is the plan.  I’m going to list all the things that I’m going to purchase to make this an amazing and organized pantry.  Then, I will put it all together and report back.  So here goes…

  • These pull-out baskets will work perfectly for my spreads and the small baking items like the vanilla essence, baking soda and baking powder.  I love that they pull out because it is really annoying having to find things at the back of shelves.  The shelves in our pantry are really narrow so this will help to get to the back and see what I have.
    I’ve seen these used in fridges, under sinks and office desks, so a very versatile item for the kitchen.  I’m thinking I may purchase a few of them as they aren’t very expensive and use them for under some sinks in the bathrooms.
  •  Because I have children, I’m constantly using containers for left-over food, for lunches or storing muffins and biscuits.  I’ve used 2 boxes for the past year from moving.  It has worked well, one for lids and one for the container bottoms but I’m loving the thought of these Cleanclue expandable organizer to stand the lids up.  My boxes have been a temporary measure to keep some kind of organization, but these look like they might do the trick nicely.  I love the other ideas that they can be used for too.  
  • These slide out trays will work for my shelving.  My shelf height is not that high so it is difficult to look at thing s at the back of the shelf.  The height of these slide out trays are 8.5cm but the tray sits down with a lip, so though I’m losing a little height I’ve measured and I think that it will work for all the medium sized jars and containers I’ve got.  It won’t work for the larger jars and containers, but they can be separate.
    I think I’m reclaiming some order in my cupboard space.
  • I also saw these other slide out trays, so I may use a combination of them both as i like the possible width by expanding the other but these will work for the smaller items.
  • Our cupboard has a light where you have to turn it on and off and more often than not it gets left on.  I invested in a light that turns on automatically when the door opens and stays on for the amount of time you are in the cupboard and automatically switches off when you leave.  This Light has been a life saver for me as well as our electricity bill and green-house emissions!  Totally recommend something like this for any pantry.  
  • I have already invested in some glass containers for all of our food like nuts, pasta, rice, etc, they just have had no order to them.  Here are some ideas for you to use in your pantry.

So these are all my thoughts of how I’m going to organize my pantry.  I’ll make the order with Amazon and share updated photos soon of my organized space.  I’m very excited to see the results!

Come join me in organizing your home spaces.  Check out my previous posts, as well as get a free download of How to Solve Your Storage Challenges and The Ultimate Kids’ Room Clean-Up Guide.

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